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Quality Horse Supplements - Univet Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Our products offer GUARANTEED results for you and your horse!

Welcome to my site, dedicated to providing your horse with the ultimate in high quality nutrition.

Whether you have pleasure, show or race horses, proper nutrition is vital in order to achieve a superior level of health and performance. Every owner wants to be sure that his horses have the conditioning and "edge" that makes champions. The backbone of a successful stable is a first class nutritional supplement program.

Univet Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was established in 1981 to provide the Equine industry with quality and affordable nutritional products. Univet is known internationally as a global leader in Equine nutrition. As we enter into a new millennium, it is Univet's goal to continue to develop products designed to meet the changing needs of your horse.

At Univet, we pride ourselves on producing high quality, low cost products that produce real results. We do not believe in high cost marketing or advertising tools, rather we invest this into making a superior quality product at an affordable price.

These supplements are all available in a highly palatable, easy to administer oral powder, designed to be added to the horses daily feed. Univet's products have a high concentration of essential vitamins and minerals, making each dose more potent and effective to the horses particular need or condition.

I am a U.S. Sales Consultant for Univet Pharmaceuticals Ltd., this is not their official site.

Order today and experience the benefits both you and your horse can gain!

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Safety tip:

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when attempting to bring your horse out of a tightly fit herd:

* If your horse has a relatively low herd status or the herd is typically aggressive, carry some type of whip to maintain your "space", safety and authority.

* Do NOT take visible feeds or treats to entice your horse. This can be a potentially dangerous temptation for both you and the herd. If you feel the need to "reward" your horse for coming to you, keep a small, quiet, concealed candy in your hand.

* Approach from the front, not behind. The most gentle horses can bolt or kick if caught off-guard.

* Keep your distance as you lead your horse out of the herd. Again, if your horse is ranked lower in the herd status, make sure you keep your distance from more aggressive horses. Your whip may be useful here also to ward off aggressive types. When you warn other horses with your whip be cautious not to frighten your horse.

Note: tips are updated every Sunday so visit often!

For additional information or a free brochure, contact:

Jim Stinson
Rte 1, Box 310J
Newport, VA 24128
(540)544-7662 United States

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Note: this page is still under construction. There are plans to add more links, graphics and feature an Equine tip of the week so visit often!

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