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Univet's Product Portfolio

Ultra-Vite: a complete, all-around multi-vitamin supplement I like to refer to as an Equine version of One-A-Day plus iron, containing 24 ingredients such as Vitamin A, E, D3, Thiamine (B1), B12, B2 (Riboflavin), B6 (Pyridoxine HCI), Biotin, dl-Methionine, I-Lysine, Glycine, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Active Yeast Culture, etc. Ultra-Vite is guaranteed to increase the strength and stamina of the equine athlete, improve both hoof and coat condition, maintain/increase weight and conditioning, protect against Vitamin deficiencies and provide Mares and Stallions with optimum nutrition required during breeding season.

Presentation: 1.9lbs ( 30 days) - $19.90 US, 11.2lbs (180 days) - $87.50 US, 22.4lbs (360 days) - $162.40 US

Glucosamine Sulphate: the newest, most effective joint supplement on the market with an excellent absorption rate of 98%. Once absorbed, it is then distributed primarily to joint tissues where it is assimilated into the connective tissue matrix. Glucosamine Sulphate treats a variety of problems including: joint inflammation associated with aging, tissue, ligament, tendon and muscle damage and loss of elasticity. This product is especially beneficial to the "arthritic" horse. Given time, Glucosamine Sulphate effectively treats the damage while relieving pain naturally without side effects. Univet's Glucosamine Sulphate is made of the purest grade available, containing 2000 mgs per dose.

Presentation: 1.9lbs ( 30 days) - $30.00 US, 11.2lbs (180 days) - $150.00 US

Ultra-Fit: our newest product, a complete supplement designed especially for young horses in training. Ultra-Fit aids in assisting the young horse's fight against the stresses of training as well as other common problems typically associated with two year olds. The following situations are treated with the supplementation of Ultra-Fit: stress, lameness, electrolyte balance, growth, bone development, immune system - viral & bacterial infections and red blood cells. The key ingredients include: Glucosamine Sulphate (2000mgs/dose), B-complex vitamins, vitamins A, C & E, zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, dl-Methionine, I-Lysine, hesperidin and bioflavanoids.

Presentation: 11.2lbs ( 60 days) - $84.00 US ** Special $75.00 US good until February 28/99 **

Ultra-Gain: a natural fermentation product consisting of live yeast cells, B-complex vitamins and enzymes. By adding Ultra-Gain to your feeding program your horse will: improve feed utilization, maintain weight and condition even during the stress of intense training/showing/racing, improve hair coat and general appearance, promote a calming effect, making your horse easier to handle and be guaranteed to gain at least 30 lbs. in 30 days, provided there is proper care and the horse is free of disease.

Presentation: 4.4lbs ( 70 days) - $18.90 US, 22.2lbs (354 days) - $ 81.40 US

Creatine Monohydrate: a naturally occurring amino acid metabolite found in red muscle tissue. With the addition of Creatine Monohydrate to your horse's diet you can expect to: increase endurance, overall work potential, increased muscle speed and a gain in lean muscle mass and size. By saturating muscles with creatine, the muscles become stronger and are able to refuel themselves faster. Univet's Creatine Monohydrate is 99% pure.

Presentation: 2.2lbs ( 30 doses) - $60.00 US

Ultra-Lyte: refreshes and restores electrolyte factors lost through sweating and panting and will encourage poor drinkers to drink more water to prevent dehydration caused from strenuous training or high temperatures and humidity. Ultra-Lyte is a must-have electrolyte supplement for all horses in the early stages of training, as they are susceptible to cramps or "tying-up" due to lack of fitness or the active horse undergoing regular work, training or showing.

Presentation: 5.3lbs ( 60 days) - $17.50 US, 16.0lbs (180 doses) - $ 37.50 US, 32lbs (360 doses) - $60.80 US

Ultra-Lyte is also available with added potassium (7041mg/dose), vitamin C (3000 mgs/dose) and vitamin E (2000 iu's/dose).

Presentation: 37.4lbs (100 days) - $125.00 US

Biotin: one of the B-complex vitamins, improves coat condition and the hardness and strength of the hoof walls, known to correct lameness. Each dose contains 50 mg pure biotin.

Presentation: 11.0lbs (176 doses) - $35.90 US

Ultra-E: provides your horse with an optimum 3000 i.u. daily dose of vitamin E. Ultra-E is especially effective for nervous or highly strung horses. In large scale experiments, Veterinarians showed conclusively that the breeding performance of both brood mares and stallions improved remarkably under continuous vitamin E supplementation. Vitamin E improves the absorption of vitamin A, enhances the horse's immune system and is essential for cellular respiration.

Presentation: 1.9lbs ( 30 days) - $14.65 US, 11.2lbs (180 doses) - $ 74.70 US, 22.4lbs (360 doses) - $131.05 US

Ultra-Sel: a combination of vitamin E and selenium that aids in preventing tying-up, treats muscle soreness and increases performance. Ultra-Sel is an effective treatment for infertility. Proper levels of vitamin E and selenium are crucial for pregnant mares and foals. Each recommended daily dose contains 1000 iu's of vitamin E and 2.4 mgs of selenium.

Presentation: 2.2lbs ( 35 days) - $18.70 US, 11.0lbs (176 doses) - $87.50 US, 22.0lbs (352 doses) - $162.55 US

Ultra-B1: provides your horse with an optimum 500 mg daily dose of thiamine (B1). The addition of Ultra-B1 can alleviate or reduce the following symptoms: lack of appetite, loss of weight, dull coat, muscle tremors, cramps, diarrhea and especially nervousness.

Presentation: 1.9lbs ( 30 days) - $11.90 US, 11.2lbs (180 doses) - $59.50 US

Ultra-E&B: a high concentration of vitamin E (10000 iu's) and vitamin B1 (1000 mg) per dose. Ultra-E&B is extremely effective in cases where a "quieting" or "calming" effect desired, excessive soreness is present or low fertility exists in mares and stallions.

Presentation: 1.9lbs ( 30 days) - $50.40 US

Ultra-H: combines vitamins C&K and hesperidin to improve the horses ability to breathe. With the addition of hesperidin complex, Ultra-H is beneficial in the treatment of bleeders. Each dose contains 1800 mg ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 2000 mg hesperidin and 10mg vitamin K.

Presentation: 1.9lbs ( 30 days) - $35.00 US, 11.2lbs (180 doses) - $186.20 US, 22.4lbs (360 doses) - $350.00 US

Ultra-Fer 300: a complete cycle of iron, copper and cobalt. Lack of iron in the horses' diet will affect stamina/performance and could lead to equine anemia. Each dose contains 300 mg iron, 30 mg copper and 10mg cobalt.

Presentation: 1.9lbs ( 30 days) - $21.90 US, 30g 3 dose paste - $8.60 US

Ultra-C: indicated for supplementation of those horses who are deficient in vitamin C. These typically include horses over the age of 20 or those suffering from extreme illness, post operative and post traumatic wound infections, chronic stress and geriatric horses. It has been determined that supplementation of vitamin C has been reported to improve, fertility in mares and stallions. Each dose of Ultra-C contains 3125 mg ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Presentation: 11.0lbs (176 doses) - $65.00 US

Ultra-Plus: the most comprehensive supplement ever to be introduced to the horse racing industry. Ultra-Plus is a combination of Ultra-Vite, Ultra-Fer 300, Ultra-Sel II, Ultra-Lyte, Ultra-E, Ultra-B1, Ultra-C and Carbo Pack, mixed together in one convenient dose. The resulting supplement is significantly more economical and convenient. With the addition of Ultra-Plus no other supplement should be required. Due to the high concentration of vitamins and minerals, Ultra-Plus is recommended for those horses in heavy training, racing or showing.

Presentation: 17.6lbs ( 70 doses) - $81.70 US

Carbo Pack: contains an effective fast-acting combination of carbohydrates specifically developed for the equine athlete needing to maximize and sustain energy for prolonged and intense training, showing or racing. Carbo Pack is known to work in conjunction with Vita Pack as an excellent pre-performance conditioner.

Presentation: 4.4lbs - $15.50 US, 11.0lbs - $33.40 US, 22.0lbs - $62.00 US

Vita Pack: a preparation of vitamins designed for performance horses in showing, racing and training.

Presentation: 7 oz jar (7 doses) - $8.00 US

Intra-Lac: a source of naturally occurring lactobacillus for use in equines. Intra-Lac helps the horse recover quickly following: worming, transportation, antibiotic treatment strenuous racing, training or showing. It is also been proven effective for use in foals during the first week (prior to foal heat).

Presentation: 3 dose paste - $11.40 US

Ultra-Guard: an aerosol spray bandage containing 17.6 mg of micronized aluminum powder per gram. Ultra-Guard is recommended for use as a protective barrier against external irritant agents in small and large animals.

Presentation: 170g spray - $12.55 US

Work: a safe and painless penetrating blister that causes no permanent blemish. Work is recommended for the treatment of sprained or fleshy tendons, jarred joints, sore shins, splints, spavins, curbs, ring bones and other bone enlargements, windgalls and ringworm.

Presentation: 280ml bottle - $15.40 US

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