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Product Testimonials

"I have frequently had trouble keeping weight on my 18 year old TB gelding until I tried Ultra-Gain. The product is so economical and effective, I plan to keep him on it indefinitely."
South-west Virginia, USA

"My mare has always been underweight. I tried several products before finding Ultra-Gain and it has worked wonders. In 2 short months, she was up to a desired weight and I have now put her on Ultra-Vite and she is maintaining the weight and looks terrific. Thanks!"
Florida, USA
"After putting 3 horses on Ultra-Gain, I found the product to be very effective in only 2 short months."
Colorado, USA
"Ultra-Gain has made a significant improvement on my growing 3 year old Arabian gelding. He looks and feels great!"
Northern Virginia, USA
"I would be happy to provide a recommendation for Ultra-Vite. I have 2 TB's that event and Ultra-Vite has greatly improved their endurance, looks and overall performance, just as you claimed. It's nice to see a product that actually comes through with the results they claim! Thank you!"
South Carolina, USA
"I train my 6 year old Bavarian Warmblood in Dressage. Prior to putting him on Ultra-Vite he had severe hoof problems, extreme difficulty maintaining weight, lacked energy/stamina and had a very dull coat. I had tried almost everything I could find and at one time had him on 4 different supplements, costing in excess of $50 a month. After being on Ultra-Vite for over a year now, he is a totally different horse. His feet are great and no longer throws shoes, has gained about 200lbs of muscle/bulk, has much more energy and stamina, is much more alert and focused when working and his coat is beautiful, it is shiny and this is the first year he hasn't had to be body clipped. Ultra-Vite is the all-purpose supplement and considering the low cost, he will always be on it."
South-west Virginia, USA

"Reiner Zauber" before and after being on Ultra-Vite for 18 months

"In just 6 weeks of using Glucosamine Sulphate, my arthritic QH mare showed a vast improvement. I no longer have to give her bute to take her on a trail and I am thrilled!"
Florida, USA
"I truly believe Glucosamine Sulphate is the answer for joint weaknesses. I tried many different brands of Chondroitins with little or no affect on my show horse. After having supplemented with Glucosamine Sulphate, the results were very noticeable after about 7 or 8 weeks."
North Carolina, USA
"Your biotin product is super! I have had my horses on it for about 7 months and I am really pleased with the quality and amount of hoof growth. The best part is that it only costs me pennies a day."
Michigan, USA

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